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Say Goodbye to Your Vacation Ownership Troubles

Vacationed will help you discover new ways to experience Vacation Ownership. We provide personalized guidance, expert advice, and proven solutions to help you reconnect with your current Vacation Ownership. Leave the worry to us and get ready to embark on an exclusive experience.

How we can help

We offer several services to help you out with your timeshare and vacation needs.

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Consulting Services

Schedule a consultation call with a Vacationed specialist and deep dive into your specific vacation ownership concerns. We’ll help you navigate tricky ownership issues from reservations and property usage to finances and experiential vacationing. With us by your side, you’ll float away feeling good about your vacation ownership.

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Concierge Subscription

Discover new ways to experience your timeshare vacation with the help of Vacationed. Whether you’re looking for advice on your next destination, unused benefits, airlines, resorts, or experiential vacations, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to embark on your vacation ownership’s greatest adventure.

It is time for the vacation ownership marketplace to have an unbiased 3rd party voice to look after the consumer’s best interest. As the travel industry is evolving, Vacationed will be at the tip of the spear providing members with expert guidance on experiential vacationing and advice regarding their vacation ownership.

Mike Flaskey
Former CEO, Diamond Resorts